Friday, 7 July 2017
Paul Muntner Using Cardiovascular Risk to Guide Antihypertensive Treatment
Maciej Banach New Lipid Lowering Agents (PCSK9 Inhibitors, Bempedoic Acid, Apabetalone) in the Elderly
Saturday, 8 July 2017
Alberico Catapano The ESC or EAS Lipid Guidelines In The Elderly
Robert Roseson Lipid-Lowering Therapy-Associated Side Effects – Risk Factors, Management and Prevention in Older Adults
Dimitri Mikhailidis Non-Coronary Arterial Disease and the Elderly
Peter Penson Lipids as Predictors of Clinical Outcomes in Older Adults
Paul Muntner Risk factors for Falls in Older Hypertensive Adults in US Population Based on REGARDS and Medicare Data
Zbigniew Heleniak Anticoagulation, atrial fibrillation in elderly patients with chronic kidney disease
Zeljko Reiner CVD Risk Factors And Their Perception Older Adults
Niki Katsiki Treating the elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Stephan von Haehling Management of Heart Failure in the Elderly – New Data, New Guidelines, New Challenges
Daniel Pella Polypharmacy and Polypragmasy in Cardiovascular Elderly Patients
Jaroslaw Fabis Sarcopenia – current limits of its reversibility
Sunday, 9 July 2017
Agata Bielecka-Dawbrowa Sarcopenic obesity – what we know about pathophysiology, diagnosing and prevention
Michael Blaha Short and Long Term Prognosis after Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring
Adrian Covic Challenges In The Management Of CKD In Older Adults
Robert Gabor Kiss Complex cardiac rehabilitation as a nonpharmacological platelet inhibitory tool after acute coronary syndrome
Niki Katsiki Ectopic fat concept and cardiovascular risk
Robert Gabor Kiss Antithrombotics in the elderly
Piotr Jankowski  Arterial stiffness and central BP as goals for antihypertensive therapy in pre- and elderly
Dimitri Mikahailidis  CVD Prevention In The Elderly Should Begin When They Are Young
Daniel Lighezan  Sprint Trial
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Daniel Lighezan  Obesity and Hypertension