About Bratislava

Bratislava is an old European city full of character, with a beautifully restored historic quarter. As the city lies in the heart of Europe on the bank of Danube River, it effortlessly became a centre of trade and business meetings as much as the centre of different cultures.

There’s much to love here and Bratislava’s many charms have more than offset its communist legacy. Here you’ll find the greatest concentration of high-quality restaurants in Slovakia, while the narrow pedestrianized streets of the Old Town lead you past cosy cafés.

Museums, galleries and the whole slew of festivals and events further enhance the city’s colours, but when you had your fill of exploring the city itself, it’s easy to escape from the hustle and bustle.  Many walk, cycle or picnic in the forested hills that surround Bratislava- or discover some of the many vineyards and castles in the surrounding region.

Climate in Bratislava:

Weather in Bratislava is typically warm and dry, though it seems to be fairly windy all year round. Seasons are typified by long summers (May to September) and cold winters (December to February). The intermediate spring (March to April) and autumn (October to November) seasons have become much shorter in recent times. Bratislava weather is not hot in summer; average high temperatures reach 31ºC in July and August. .

Entertainment, excursions and places of interest in Bratislava:

Devin Castle

Perched on a crag above the confluence of the River Danube and the River Morava, Devin Castle is one of the most important cultural monuments anywhere in Slovakia. Though some 20km outside Bratislava, it is easily accessible from the city centre by boat or bus, and a visit should really be considered an integral part of any stay in the Slovak capital.

Experience the City by Night. See the sights of today and yesteryear under the lights. The tour stops at Bratislava Castle which offers great panoramic views of the illuminated city. You will then cross the Danube and have a look at the new part of the city. The lift at the UFO restaurant will take you to a height of 95 metres from where you will have the entire city at your feet. Eventually we will stop in the centre to see the historical buildings bathed in lights.

Imperial Palace Hof

Experience the atmosphere of the Imperial festivals in apartments furnished once again with pieces of original furniture and walk through terraced Baroque gardens known all over Europe. Savour the country life through all you senses on the manor farm with horses, loveable animals, herbs and vegetable gardens and have a look at the workshops of ancient handicrafts.

Indulge in a walking tour of Bratislava (combined with a sightseeing cruise on the river of Danube). A walking tour of the charming squares, courtyards and narrow lanes of the Old Town includes the Main Square, Old Town Hall, Primate’s Palace, St. Michael’s Gate, Franciscan Church, first Hungarian University Academy Istropolitana, St. Martin’s Cathedral, the Opera House and the other most significant historical sights.

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